A Day In The Life Of


Softcover, 180mm x 120mm
32 pages, b/w Offset
ISBN: 978-91-86269-09-8
First Edition, 300 copies
Numbered and signed
Published by Libraryman

In the limited edition series A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... photographers are portraying a day in their lives, fiction as non-fiction. The sixth publication in this monthly series is completed by Stockholm based photographer Mikael Olsson. The airy, dreamy b/w images in this publication were shot on the island of Capri. Their subject is the Villa Lysis, a mansion that was built for the French poet and writer Jacques d'Adelswärd-Fersen. After fleeing France in 1903 after being accused of "indeecency" with young boys, Count d'Adelswärd-Fersen lived in the building with his lover Nino Cesarini until his drug-related suicide in 1923.

The building itself was designed by architect Edouard Chimot in an Italianized version of Art Noveau. The entrance bears the Latin inscription Amori et dolori sacrum - 'A Holy Place for Love and Sorrow'.

Mikael Olsson, born 1969 in Gothenburg (Sweden), recently finished the book SÖDRAKULL FRÖSAKULL (Steidl), a photographic portrait of designer and architect Bruno Mathsson's private homes in Sweden. The images from the book have been exhibited by the Hasselblad Foundation in Gothenburg, Sweden.