I Am Not a Bad Gorilla
Zack Sternwalker


Softcover, 133mm x 213mm
74 pages, b/w xerox

From the author of PLEASE LET ME HELP, we have the "best of" Zack Sternwalker featuring Brad Pitt vs. Will Smith, Forgive Me Conrad, Death: The Most Dirty Dance, I Wish things Were Different, I AM NOT A BAD GORILLA. This one's got it all Stories, photos, drawings, Celebrities, and more. Great sense of nontraditional humor here with such topics as his mum bringing the wrong celebrity to cheer him up in the hospital, how to tell the gender of spiders, falling in love with the dance instructor, masturbating to photos of the great wall of China, and more nonsensical humor. Funny as hell with stories told primarily through pictures!

Excerpt from Microcosm Publishing