Il Mentalo
DJ Dicci Cici & Roman Caffe


7" x 7" Screen Printed Pizza Box
IL MENTALO Mix CD (60'38")
4pp. Menu, Risograph-Printed
IL MENTALO Fridge Magnet
Complimentary Serra after-dinner Menta (Italian import)
Published by Noise In My Head

IL MENTALO, the latest project from Bamboo Musik residents DJs Roman Wafers (Bell-Towers), and Dick Cheese (1/2 of Australian psychedelic anarchist fashion label Perks And Mini), has been freshly served from the wood fired oven and is ready to be enjoyed with friends. These top chefs have long laboured to perfect this spicy hot dish that captures the pride of Italy. Italo with a housey flavour, mong cosmic, lucid soundtracks, caveman avant garde and virgin synth-pop all funghi fresh! Art packaging and outsider music collide with the mix CD housed in a 7" pizza box, also containing a takeaway menu, fridge magnet and bonus imported after dinner mint.

Words. Noise In My Head