Incomplete Discography
Karl Nawrot


Saddle stitched, 210mm x 210mm
22 pages, full colour plates
Colour poster, 420mm x 420mm
ISBN: 978-90-818017-0-6
Published by Horizon Pages
Edition of 500

Karl Nawrot often builds his own tools and models; in this case, stencil discs that act as a mechanism for design abstraction, and a cheap option for record sleeve designs. INCOMPLETE DISCOGRAPHY shows the beginning and the end. It's hard to say what's a scan, what's a photo, and what's printed.

Karl Nawrot is originally from France, now residing in the Netherlands. A graphic designer with an abiding interest in typography and type experiments, Nawrot displays the habits of an illustrator. A former student of Werkplaats Typografie, Nawrot grapples with the conventional tools and uses of his trade, in both the physical and conceptual sense. By building 3D models, maquettes and paper monuments, he builds new models for language; imagination as communicator and storyteller.