Kramers Ergot # 8


Hardcover, 235mm x 175mm
232 pages, full colour plates
ISBN: 978-0-9845892-7-2
Published by Picturebox

KRAMERS ERGOT # 8 is brought together thoughtfully by editor Sammy Harkham and published by Picturebox. Cloth-bound with 232 pages of sex, psychedelic abstraction, gloom and optimism, KRAMERS ERGOT # 8 is noticeably slimmer in contributors but more refined in its vision.

A stunningly abstract 'overture' by Robert Beatty opens KRAMERS ERGOT # 8, followed by more tangible stories from artists Anya Davidson, Ben Jones, C.F., Chris Cilla, Dash Shaw, Frank Santoro, Frederic Mullalley, Gabrielle Bell, Gary Panter, Ian Svenonius, Johnny Ryan, Kevin Huizenga, Leon Sadler, Ron Embleton, Sammy Harkham, Takeshi Murata, Tim Hensley.

It's a true pleasure to finally offer this anthology at Gang Atelier.