Mono.Kultur # 20
Dries van Noten


Staple bound, 200mm x 150mm
41 pages, mono & full colour plates
Coated & Uncoated Stocks
ISSN: 1861-7085
Published by Mono.Kultur

"I love to learn from things I can’t appreciate."

In an industry where a few global players are trying to orchestrate the luxury market with world wide must-haves and more and more pre-collections, the fashion designer Dries van Noten (Antwerp, Belgium) stands out as one of the last able to stay consistent in his signature and his own way of a – let’s call it organic trade. While fellow designers of his generation sold their labels to investors or just gave up, van Noten remained authentic and financially independent as the only owner of his brand.

As the new world order started shaking, the Belgian refashioned the clay without losing his characteristic talent for combining a remarkable sense for fabrics and a subtle feel for idiosyncratic colours, with distinctive layering of prints and ethnic elements like embroidery. A consequent evolution of his previous work, he created a desirable collection of effortless and literally ‘ready-to-wear’ clothing. But before presenting what he had cultivated for this summer season, he cut his plants and the results – modern silhouettes with traditional references – appeared even fresher and stronger than before.

The conversation with Dries van Noten took place in a setting reminiscent of an old Flemish still life painting: at a very long table prepared for lunch in the company’s renovated warehouse in Anterp, in the historic part of the harbour once built by Napoleon.

Words. Claudia Riedel