Mono.Kultur # 27
Ryan McGinley


Staple bound, 200mm x 150mm
42 pages, full colour plates
Pull-out double sided poster
ISSN: 1861-7085
Published by Mono.Kultur

"I love the idea of the unexpected.”

In just over a decade, Ryan McGinley’s work has gained a momentum and a popularity that is breathtaking. To give a little glimpse of its scale: For the opening of his last show in New York in 2010, EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS IS NOWHERE, an estimated 5,000 visitors turned up, forcing traffic in SoHo to a standstill. Influencing an entire generation of young photographers, one can trace his visual style not only to blogs and magazines, but to gallery walls, fashion editorials, music videos and advertising campaigns. In short: Ryan McGinley is the photographer of now.

It is easy to see the appeal in his work: Celebrating the sweet and fleeting state of youth, his photographs are suffused with color, light and energy. Naked kids climbing trees, running through the desert, rolling down hills, suspended in the air, diving into lakes, leaping through fireworks — there’s a lightness and carelessness and beauty to McGinley’s images that is utterly addictive. They spark a sense of movement and vigor and joy that, in an inherently still medium such as photography, is notoriously hard to convey. He captures that moment that never was, the teenage experience you wish you had had. His work transports an idealized, weightless state of freedom, youth and innocence, unburdened by age, worries, gravity or even clothes, for that matter.

Words. Extract from introduction by Kai von Rabenau, MONO.KULTUR # 27