My Birthday Party
Martin Bell


Perfect Bound, 255mm x 200mm
150 Pages, full colour
Edition of 1000
ISBN: 978098041940

MY BIRTHDAY PARTY is a chronicle of photos, drawings and collages, and documents personal domestic space; cubby houses, special occasions, birthdays and places of play both the physical and imagined.

From MY BIRTHDAY PARTY's designer, Tristan Ceddia:

"Working on MY BIRTHDAY PARTY with Mr. Bell was probably one of the loosest experiences I have ever had as a designer. We would lay the pages out on the computer, then he would go home, print them out and collage the images back together how he wanted them. The result is literally a snapshot of Martin as an erratically calculated human.

He has a one-off hand made wooden guitar in the shape of Australia and was once caught on camera kicking in the back panel of his car, only to reach inside the boot, pop out the dint and give the camera a thumbs up.

Martinís installations form enlarged 3D collaged shrines blending nature and sculpture while paying homage to his favorite films and other elements of popular culture. His ink and pencil drawings drawings explore a fantasy world of dolls and He Man figurines while his collage work seems to be the result of a porno, a glossy magazine and a comic book thrown in the blender."