Nazi Knife # 6


Softcover, 178mm x 127mm
196 pages, full-colour offset

The French publication NAZI KNIFE represents one of the key names of the outsider art of the past decade. Partly a fanzine and partly an artist graph book, the 'creature' of Jonas Delaborde and Hendrik Hegray has published the best of the American and European dessin contemporain: around the Paris based ‘zine condensed a network of artists and illustrators ranging from Mat Brinkman to Shoboshobo, from Mike Diana to Leif Goldberg, from Christopher Forgues to Stephane Prigent; optical abstractions, crooked pen sketches, found photographs, naif recollections and childish Do It Yourself, the pages of NAZI KNIFE represent a manifesto of an extremely active and branched scene, with a geography of names from Paris to New York, from Antwerp to Helsinki, from London to Copenhagen.