Offline # 1
The Blackmail


Paperback, 203mm x 127mm
120 pages, black & white print
ISBN: 978-0-9874012-0-5

The minds behind online cultural hub The Blackmail have stepped away from the screen with the launch of their first print publication, OFFLINE. Amassing contributions from some of Australia's most influential creatives, OFFLINE packs up neat as a pocket-sized, black-and-white, novel-style book.

From the top of the contemporary art game, Australian artist Callum Morton is interviewed by Utopian Slumps director Melissa Loughnan, and Sydney-based artist Fraser Anderson is profiled by renowned curator Joseph Allen Shea. Camillo Ippoliti, owner of infamous venues The Toff, Revolver and Cookie, breaks bread with Michael Kucyk from 3RRR's NOISE IN MY HEAD. For DIY treats, Hayley McKee from Sticky Fingers Bakery and Super Wild Horses offers a recipe that Rick Milovanovic of The Twerps and Boomgates complements with graphics.

Further lead contributions include a personal anecdote written by sculptor, painter, musician and cover star Brendan Huntley, a sexy centrefold by acclaimed photographer Rene Vaile, short fiction by Amanda Maxwell and a cryptic fold-in by artist Mathew Griffin. Other iconic Australians profiled include David Chesworth of cult post-punk band Essendon Airport and seminal designer Rae Ganim.