Please Let Me Help
Zack Sternwalker


Softcover,129mm x 176mm
71 pages, b/w xerox

Zack Sternwalker
is unemployed, overweight, recently divorced, and lives with his mother. Whilst a lesser man would wither away in emo-laden angst, Zack has found inspiration during this difficult stretch of life. A renaissance man, Zack conjures up brilliant ideas (soap on a rope, a Sammie Davis Jr. biopic starring Tom Cruise, vases of flowers in Port-a-Potties nationwide), offers services (babysitter for Sophia Coppola, compiler and burner for a Beatles Best-of), and attempts to woo unsuspecting ladies with his lifelike sketches of firearms. PLEASE LET ME HELP is a collection of letters Zack has written to companies, actors, directors, his local police department, Hulk Hogan, and scores of other easy targets. Some write back; most don't. Quite possibly the best, most hilarious zine ever, PLEASE LET ME HELP even includes pager after page of vampiric doodles.

Excerpt from Microcosm Publishing