Softcover, 210mm x 146mm
120 pages, b/w offset
ISBN: 0-9789722-8-7
Published by Picturebox

This first book by acclaimed artist C.F. is the most anticipated graphic novel debut of the year. POWR MASTRS is an intense fantasy story projected to run to six volumes. C.F. narrates the story of a tribe of mystical warriors whose power relations are constantly in flux. As power shifts, so do physical and psychological identities. In this first volume, we are introduced to the central characters and begin to understand the complex geography in which they wander. POWR MASTRS is overflowing with graphic ideas, from the intricately designed costumes each character wears to C.F.’s exactingly drawn architectural details, all rendered in his distinctive pencil line. With POWR MASTRS C.F. finally comes into his own, making a book as vital for the practice of drawing as for graphic novels.

“If a reader were to pick up on any one cartoonist working at a furious and considered and accomplished pace right below the radar of most comics fans, C.F. might be the best choice.”—The Comics Reporter