Simon Terrill


Cloth-bound, 270mm x 210mm
72 pages, full-colour offset
ISBN: 978-0-9871670-0-2
With an essay by Edward Colless
Edition of 1000
Published by M.33

Simon Terrill's PROSCENIUM is a photographic presentation of staging and performance. A proscenium, the edge of the theatrical stage, has here been initially defined through the lens of the camera and later via the edge of the print. The title functions to hold together the crowds, streetscapes and landscapes that present themselves within the pages of this book. The cameo interlude of a series of portraits featuring the British performance artist and painter Bruce McLean represents the sole inclusion of a choreographed scene.

All of the other works reveal an exposure of the world that was directly facing the camera at the time of the image. As with the theatre arch, these still moments of photography invite both a closer inspection of the particular scenes within, and a greater reflection on the performances of everyday life.