School Spirit
Pierre Huyghe & Douglas Coupland


Softcover, 216mm x 165mm
160 pages, perfect-bound
170 b/w and colour illustrations
ISBN: 2-914563-07-8
Published by Dis Voir

Dis Voir’s Encounters series invites a well-known contemporary artist to choose a subject for a book. The artist also selects a person with "elective affinities"—someone with whom he or she would like to share this exchange. The resulting collaborative volumes serve as an artistic and political laboratory of the present. For this first installment, French artist Pierre Huyghe choose Canadian writer Douglas Coupland, author of GENERATION X, for the influence that Coupland has had on his generation, and on Huyghe's own work. Using a high school yearbook as scaffolding for their meditations, they discuss the construction of character, narrative techniques based on chance and the political dimensions of Coupland's work—themes that are also fundamental questions for Huyghe's projects.