The Magnificent Excess of Snoop Dogg


Hardcover, 280mm x 216mm
80 pages, full colour, offset
ISBN: 0-9794153-6-5
Published by Picturebox

A gorgeous, hilarious and beguiling artists book by Katherine Bernhardt, who compiled this volume as a collection of her work about fashion models and celebrities. Her paintings sit next to their inspirations: a vivacious but cutting portrait of Kate Moss sits across from its source photograph, and the stuff of fashion magazines Bernhardt's main source is treated with as much care as Bernhardt's own paintings.

Art Critic Jerry Saltz has called Bernhardt's style "a hybrid of funk, punk, pop and every kind of Expressionism, be it abstract, neo-, German or East Village. She paints things I'm often suspicious of or have seen too many times before: fashion models, consumer goods and pop stars...Yet Bernhardt's work for all its flaws sends me."