Wipe That Clock Off Your Face


Hardcover, 235mm x 183mm
96 pages, full-colour offset
Original DVD included
ISBN: 0-9789722-1-X
Published by Picturebox

Brian Belott’s first book is a compendium of all his disparate artistic practices–including collage, drawing, found photography and sound mixing–and it is also his first CD. The original CD/DVD included here offers the acclaimed Found Images, a digital slideshow of over 2000 photos with an exclusive full-length soundtrack of original sound collages. Assemblage permeates Belott’s methods; he is a master of using cast-off and neglected ephemera to create new and surprising effects. The New York Times critic Holland Cotter calls the results "imaginatively inviting," and the Times’ Roberta Smith calls them "radiant." The well-known painter Donald Baechler’s foreword speaks to Belott’s place in the realm of creation from found materials. Belott’s world is like a trip through a funhouse of vernacular art: enter at your own risk.